Voting Terms

By participating in this awards and voting you agree to this terms and conditions;

  1. All participants and nominees must follow the right procedures and also alert their fans on the voting procedures
  2. Nominees can appeal (evidence) for a correction if they notice their votes does not tally
  3. Nominees can access the weekly results update of votes on our website
  4. Personal data such as e-mails and phone numbers of nominees and voters will be used only by Sky Infinity Group, Sponsors and Partners if necessary.
  5. Nominees are encouraged to hit a maximum of 1000 votes in order to win their respective category
  6. Notwithstanding the above stated clause, Nominees that obtained the highest votes stand the chance of winning the said category.
  7. Winners of each category stand a chance to win special packages and souvenirs in addition to the plaques if and only if they hit 1500 votes.
  8. In case of tight competition in a specific category, Nominees with 1500 and above votes would be given citation from the organizers
  9. Nominees should note that the 40% allocated to proof of work still applies to 5, 6, 7 and 8.
  10. Voting monies are not refundable.

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